Sunday, July 28, 2019

Reference Architecture Layout for Data Center-DR Data Center [IT-013]

Reference Architecture for Data Center-DR Data Center
Status: WIP, Last Updated: 20190728_1427

There are so many terminologies, technologies involved in overall architecture of typical data center and usually its overwhelming for average technical engineer. This blog intend to simplify all those technologies and position it belong in overall architecture with simple reference layout.

* GSLB - Global Server Load Balancer (By centrally manipulating Enterprise DNS Server, we could provide high availability, survivability as each Name Resolution provide different IP addresses depends on various conditions. GSLB shall be positioned at each of Data Center.)
* SLB - Server Load Balancer (To abstract internal IP addresses, Load Balancing between applications)
* SD-WAN - Software Defined Wide Area Networking (Provide Link Load Balancing, L7 QoS, Link Encryption, Site router between DC & DR)
* SSL Gateway - Encrypt/ Decrypt SSL traffic, usually associated with 'https:// ...'
* SSO - Single Sign On (Provide unified login for central authentication)
* NGFW - Next Generation Firewall (L7 layer firewall capability)
* DMZ - De-militarized Zone (Host internet exposed services & servers, while keeping internal servers securely within 'Militarized Zone ie local LAN. 'DMZ shall have public IP addresses, while MZ to have LAN IP ie non-routable IP addresses. DMZ/ MZ shall improve overall infosec)
* STM Router - Synchronous Transport Module (TSP provider CPE ie last mile from TSP)
* TSP - Telecom Service Provider (BSNL/ MTNL/ AirTel/ PowerGrid providing MPLS links)
* CPE - Customer Premises Equipment
* DDoS - Anti-Distributed Denial of Service

Reference Architecture Layout:

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