Monday, July 22, 2019

Command Center Video Wall [IT-012]

Command Center Video Wall [IT-012]

Last Updated: 20190728_1434

Objective: To build large command center video wall to monitor all IT infrastructure, IT applications under one roof.

Key requirements:-
(a) Video Wall Size : Approx. 30' x 10' & 10'x10'
(b) Zero-Bezel
(c) Minimum life of panel: 1,00,000 hours with 24x7 rating

Vendor Landscape:-
(a) Barco
(b) Christie 

Barco Models:-
- Laser, Full HD (1920x1080), 16:9 aspect ratio, Redundant LED, Redundant inputs
- Bezel: 1mm
- Budgetary Cost: ₹.9 Lakh ($13K) per panel of 70" excluding taxes

- - Full HD (1920x1080), 16:9 Aspect ratio, 800cd/m2, Contrast-4000:1, Backlight lifetime: 100000, Fanless cooling, Zero-Bezel width, HDMI-02 Ports/ USB-02 Ports/ DPI-02 Ports
- UniSee Mount can support upto 10 rows in landscape mode and 6 rows in portrait
- Bezel: 1mm (Practical)
- Budgetary Cost: ₹.5.5 Lakh ($8K) per panel of 55" excluding taxes

Photo Gallery:-
(a) Barco UniSee, 6x2, Security, Taebaek City, South Korea

(b) Barco UniSee, 7x7, Control Room, Kansas, USA

(c) Barco UniSee, 6x2, Security, South Korea

Jeollanamdo disaster status control center

(d) Barco UniSee, 4x10, House of Worship, Seoul, South Korea

House of worship

(e) Barco Laser ODL-721, 

(f) Barco Laser ODL-721

(g) Barco Laser ODL-721

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