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[IT-001] Enterprise SOA implementation using Oracle SOA for IT Idiots (Part-1)

[IT-001] Enterprise SOA implementation using Oracle SOA for IT Idiots (Part-1)
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1. As a large enterprise organisation with near zero maturity in IT process, we tend to deploy multiple software applications in all possible haphazard way one can imagine. PHP/ ASP.NET C#/ ASP.NET VB/ JSP/ Java... even FoxPro 2.5. Database too in flavors from Oracle to SQLite. All leading to creating a monster of IT system beyond control of sizable novice in-house IT support system.

2. A simple thought has born, WHY CAN'T WE USE ONE DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT, AND YET OPEN FOR INTEGRATION WITH MULTIPLE HETEROGENEOUS SYSTEMS? Thus, thought of opt for 'Service Oriented Architecture'

Architecture of an IT idiot!

2. Overall architecture thought to have following core layers.
(a) Enterprise Portal : Oracle HTTP Server + Oracle Web Center Portal
(b) Enterprise Service Bus: Oracle Service Bus/ Oracle SOA Suite of products
(c) Enterprise Application Server: Oracle WebLogic Server
(d) Enterprise Database: Oracle Database Server

3. Platform of Portal, Service Bus, AS & Database duly enhanced using following products.
(a) Identity & Access Management: Oracle IdAM
(b) DMS/ RMS/ DAM: Oracle Web Center Content
(c) Business Process Management: Oracle BPM

Proof-of-Concept Tests
4. Apart from theory of presentation layer, integration layer, business layer, database layer, it is always essential to test the entire deployment of myriad of Oracle long list of products. Hence, intended to test following.
(a) Write a simple POJO getEmployeeNameById() and expose it as RESTful API aka Endpoint aka Business Service (BS)
(b) Publish API Endpoint to Service Bus aka Process Pipeline (PP)
(c) Create Proxy Service (PS) to expose API to outside world
(d) Connect with Proxy Service through Demo browser based application 'HR Query' :)

Google God, who else there to help us, the IT idiot breed ;)
(a) How to write Business Service (BS)
Create Simple Web Service Using Oracle JDeveloper 11.1.2

(b) How to connect BS to SOA Server
Consume Web Service With JDeveloper ADF

(c) How to write Proxy Service (PS)
REST Enabling SOA

(d) SOA Hello World!
Oracle Service Bus 12c Hello World

(e) Create Business Service from Service Provider and expose as Proxy Service
Provisioning a Service in Oracle Service Bus

(f) How to write browser based client demo app

(a) .... is on :). Shall update with more on the way

Glossary aka headache creators

01-00: Business Service -> Created within Service Bus from usually Endpoint URI
01-01: Service Provider/ Endpoint -> Service Provider in REST/SOAP API. Usually connected using WSDL URI + XSD files
01-02: Proxy Service -> Created from Business Service. Multiple Proxy Service could be created depend upon requirement. Usually to serve REST clients & SOAP clients separately
01-03: Service Consumer -> Client who consumes REST/SOAP Services from Proxy Service of Service Bus

02-00: WSDL ->
02-01 XSD ->
02-02: REST
02-03: SOAP ->
02-04: UDDI ->

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