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[IT-001] Enterprise SOA implementation using Oracle SOA for IT Idiots (Part-2)

[IT-001] Enterprise SOA implementation using Oracle SOA for IT Idiots (Part-2)
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There are so many SOA terminologies, concepts and for an fellow IT idiots, it's a nightmare... It's better to see SOA in action, not just in bits-n-pieces... But, a end-to-end 'Hello World!'

Demo application to explore Oracle SOA concept , else try to catch crow in dark!

** User Story **

(a) Say 'Hello World!', when i enter 'World' in to Text Box of Google Chrome Browser & click 'Say Hello'

** Great planning by an IT idiot :) **

There i believe, total of four stages to achieve 'Hello World!' in SOA 

(a) Service Provider : sayHello() in POJO/ Plain old Java coding. After all, this is the only one, we learnt in school!

(b) Business Service 
(c) Proxy Service
(d) Service Consumer

** Demo SIMHA Hello World, Step-by-Step **
1.0.0: Create Endpoint (Service Provider) 
1.1.0: Create Desktop Application in JDeveloper 
1.2.0: Create ? Project 
1.3.0: Create sayHello() as POJO 
1.4.0: Create REST Service from POJO 

2.0.0: Create Business Service 
2.1.0: Create Resources from Endpoint URI & XSD 

3.0.0: Create Proxy Service 

4.0.0: Create Web App? (Service Consumer)
4.1.0: Create Data Control 
4.2.0: Create Text Box & Command 
4.3.0: Enter 'World' & Display 'Hello World!' 

** Reference YouTube/ Links Analysis **

(a) Create 'Service Provider'
# Reference YouTube: Create Simple Web Service Using Oracle JDeveloper  
- Create Application type -> 'Java Desktop Application' project in JDeveloper
- Create Project type -> 'Java Class'
- Create Web Service -> By right-click on ''
# Outcome 
- URI:
- Operations : CountriesPort.getCountries()
- XSD : ??? 

(b) Create 'Business Service'

# Reference YouTube: Oracle SOA Suite 12c: REST Enabling SOA

# Outcome


(c) Create 'Service Consumer'

# Reference YouTube: Consume Web Service With JDeveloper ADF
- Create Application type -> 'Fusion Web Application (ADF)
- Create Data Controls type -> 'Web Service Data Control' to connect with Endpoint
- Create Categories->Web Tier->JSF/Facelets->'ADF Task Flow' to create Web Page
-- Add page fragments of viewAllCountries, addCountry, selectCountry & include Control Flow
-- "... from this point onward, this example goes above my head... abort!'


# Outcome


[01] Enterprise Service Bus, Jul 2013, Oracle Technology Network, 02-00-article-on-oracle-enterprise-service-bus-jul2013.pdf

[02] Create Service Provider, 22 Mar 2013, YouTube, 01-01-service-provider-create-simple-web-service-20181029.mp4  

[03] Create Business Service/ Process Pipeline/ Proxy Service on Service Bus, 26 Jun 2014, YouTube, 01-02-service-bus-create-business-service-n-proxy-server-oracle-soa-20181029.mp4

[04] Create Service Consumer, Vinay Agarwal, 27 Mar 2013, YouTube, 01-03-service-consumer-create-web-app-adf-20181029.mp4  

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