Saturday, July 7, 2018

[IT-010] Demo deployment of Oracle Database 12C for Skill Testing! (Ver.1.0)

ScenarioWe intend to hire an Oracle DBA and has worked out a test sequence to test skillset of DBA candidates. High-level test sequence as following.

Test Objectives:
(a) Test Oracle DBA candidates basic skillsets
(b) Should able to know how to prepare VM, deploy RH Linux, deploy Oracle Database, Create golden image of Linux VM, RMAN backup, disaster recovery of database

Target readers: People intend to hire Oracle DBA, Oracle DBA appearing for interviews, People interested to learn basics of Oracle DBA

Version History:
1.0: Initial version published on 08 Jul 2018

*** Test sequence for Oracle DBA ***
1.0: Installation of Oracle (VM-1)
1.1: Install Linux on VM
1.2: Install Oracle Database
1.3: Install Oracle Sample HR database
1.4: Setup RMAN
1.5: Setup Data Guard 
1.6: Backup using RMAN
1.7: Initiate Data Guard replication 
1.8: Shutdown Oracle database 

2.0: RMAN based recovery  (VM-2)
2.1: Restore golden image of Linux from VM
2.2. Install Oracle Database
2.3. Restore Oracle database from RMAN backup files
2.4. Live restored Oracle database

3.0: Data Guard based recovery  (VM-3)
3.1: Restore golden image of Linux from VM
3.2. Install Oracle Database
3.3. Restore Oracle database from replicated Data Guard files