Monday, June 11, 2018

[IT-009] Software Development Team for Dummies

1.0: The problem statement
Almost all outsourced software projects are invariably getting either delayed or come out in less than expected quality.

Few of the reasons, as I felt for such Govt organisation characteristics are difficulties in getting right vendor, inadequate vendor skillset, lack of practicing of software engineering best practices, lack of transparency on software development, inadequate user requirement gathering... list goes on and on.

So, felt urgent need to resolve this issue and most importantly sustain the fix as an institutional mechanism.

2.0: The Solution...  That's what I call it
Setup a in-house Software Development Team, of course to develop software and in addition to oversee outsourced developments.

3.0: The journey
Without an iota of experience on how professional software team works, we started our own adventure. Let's bring the fundamentals.

3.1: Software Development Team composition
(a) Business Analyst (BA)
- Speak the language of Users and deliver 'Use Cases'