Saturday, December 10, 2016

[IT-008] Social impact of Digital India and its benefit to silent underprivileged people

Social impact of Digital India and its benefit to silent underprivileged people 

I was also not a great believer of "Digital India" and other big promises of Modi, till i attended a "Digital Governance Summit-2016" organized by Indian Express &  Citrix at New Delhi yesterday, 09 Dec 2016.

The way PM Modi promised, and delivering it... be it reducing waiting time of poor patients from  2-3 days on foot path under inhuman conditions to consult AIIMS OPD doctor into mere hours, setting target of electrifying 18,000+ remotest dark villages within 1000 days, and rapidly progressing to achieve that,  is something even the global PMP topper could only dream to flawlessly execute. The way PM could inspire scores of youths from local villages as part of GARV project, and even a Neuro Surgeon of famed AIIMS Hospital to achieve this speaks volume about PM leadership quality and vision.  

Picture speaks more than words... I have posted few photos of the event.  If anyone would like to see to believe it, visit "".

Promising to electrify 18452 villages situated in hostile environments of hills, forests, desert, naxel infected villages,  within next 1000 days during 15 Aug 2015, then by 15 Aug 2016 his team exceeded 50% of set target is no mean achievement, considering till 2015 the progress rate was 1000+ per year.

The way his team had planned and currently executing is amazed me, be it launching "" to track the progress, appointing local youths as eyes & ears, going to remotest corners of India with few houses, transporting materials as backpacks... out-of-box thinking of his hand picked Govt officials is visible in all planning and execution. 

I was privileged to meet the team who is executing the project in mission mode and felt respect for their silent untiring efforts to connect underprivileged people of India. 

Hope, leaders here to acknowledge  the true meaning of "Digital India", and how it could change the lives of millions of underprivileged people to better. 

Rural electification monitoring dashboard 

PM Modi set target of 1000 days for rural electification an 15 Aug 2015

AIIMS Call Centre, by Dr.Deepak Agarwal, Neuro Surgeon.