Saturday, October 31, 2015

[IT-003] Step-By-Step: Installation of Piwigo Photo Gallery-20151101

Step-By-Step: Installation of Piwigo Photo Gallery-20151101_1349

Thought of deploying a decent FOSS photo gallery and my search stopped at Piwigo, a PHP/MySQL based software.

Installation Steps:-

(a) Check for Pre-requisites:
(i) Installation Set:
    (aa) 01-xampp-win32-1.8.2-6-VC9-installer.exe

(ii) Port-80 for apache & port-3306 for mysql to be free

(b) Preparation of Apache
01-Install XAMPP

02-Start Apache & MySQL from Xampp controller

03-Change ‘root’ password to ‘*****’ from phpmyadmin. It will cause inaccessible phpmyadmin.

04-Update root password in phpMyAdmin config file ‘’ at d:\xampp\phpMyAdmin. Archive original file. It will restore access to phpMyAdmin

05-Set password ‘*****’ for ‘pma’ user in MySQL. It will fix error msg  ‘Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed phpmyadmin xampp’.

06-Create ‘photogallery’ folder in htdocs folder of xampp

07-Unzip ‘Piwigo’ application to newly created ‘photogallery’ folder

08-Rename existing ‘galleries’ folder as ‘galleries-back‘

09-Create symlink ‘galleries’ folder using ‘mklink’ command from windows command prompt. Target to existing photo folder. (Ex.: > mklink /d .\galleries d:\myphotos)

10-Copy ‘index.php’ from ‘galleries-back’ into newly created symlink folder ‘galleries’

11-Unzip ‘’ into ‘plugins’ folder of ‘photogallery’ folder in htdocs. My favourite plugins are 'SmartAlbum', 'stripped' etc.

(c) Configuration of Piwigo
12- Open http://localhost/photogallery

13- Enter following values in setup screen:
-       Default languate: English(GB)
-       Database Host: localhost
-       User: root
-       Password: *****
-       Database Name:  photogallery
-       Database tables prefix: photogallery_
-       Piwigo Admin User: photogallery-admin
-       Password: *****
-       Email:

14-Create user ‘myuser’ in Piwigo. User name of your choice.

15-Activate plugins

16-Click ‘Quick Synchronisation’ to sync with your photo repository in local harddisk. It updates ‘Albums’ menu.

17-Installation Completed.

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