Saturday, October 31, 2015

[IT-001]-InProgress: Backup & Archive for Server Room-20151101_1206

Backup & Archive for Server Room-20151101_1123

1. Background:- 
(a) Installed SAN storage and HP blade enclosure.
(b) Plan to deploy VMs, Linux VM, Window VMs, MySQL, XAMPP, MS SharePoint, MS Exchange and File Server

2. Problem:-
(a) What will happen if MySQL crashes. How to recover & restore?
(b) How to safeguard from total disaster at site?

3. Solution Architecture:-
(a) Disk-2-Disk-2-Tape

4. Unknown Issues:-
(a) How VMs get backup? Is it stored as single file?

5. The Tour of IT Idiot [typical for IT Idiots, who searches in the dark ;)]

6. The Solution  (in progress!)

7. Lessons Learnt (so far!)

8. The Diary:-

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